How We're Different

At Shockwave Therapy - BC, we've seen patients from across Canada, most states in the U.S., and from several countries around the world, from as far away as South Africa, Japan, and South America.

On this page we list the most common reasons why patients choose to travel large distances to visit our facility.


The first reason people choose to travel significant distances to see us is that we use the newest, most up-to-date ESWT technology available anywhere.  We use the Piezoson 100 machine made by the Richard Wolf Corporation in Germany. 

This is true, focused, extra-corporeal shockwave therapy using piezoelectric technology, a technology still unavailable in many locations around the world, including the United States.  We are one of very few locations in North America that have this system.  For this reason, we've had patients from several countries across the world where this version of ESWT technology is not yet available, from throughout the United States, and as far as Japan, South Africa, and South America.



Second, the piezoelectric form of ESWT we use is the most highly-focused generation of shockwave therapy available anywhere in the world.

Being highly focused means that the shockwaves are accurately delivered to the proper tissue level, maximizing therapeutic value to the injured tissue, and minimizing wasted energy and trauma to surrounding tissues.



Third, the piezoelectric form of Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy we employ covers both high-energy and low-energy energy spectra.  This allows us to treat the widest variety of complaints, from bone to the most delicate soft tissues. 



Fourth, the therapeutic energy waves produced by piezoelectric ESWT is adjustable in strength and adjustable in depth.  Unlike other shockwave technologies, we can fine-tune the strength of the treatment to the specifics of your medical condition. 



Fifth, the form of ESWT we use does not require anesthesia.  Earlier generations of ESWT technology are rather painful and require patients to undergo anesthesia for the therapy to be tolerable.  No longer.



Besides having the best form of extracorporeal shockwave therapy on the market, our facility is unique in its superior diagnostic and assessment capabilities.

For instance, whenever any imaging is required, either of bone or soft tissues, we can provide it in the convenience of our office. 

  • We use the state-of-the-art OEC 6600 mini C-arm fluoroscope (pictured to the right) to image bone. 

    The main advantage of fluoroscopy over traditional X-rays is that we can see moving pictures of bone, in real time, on a screen.  We can even compare the left and right feet, or before and after pictures on the split screen. 

    Further, there's no waiting.  We can perform this test during your assessment visit, and instantly see the results. 

OEC Mini C-arm fluoroscope

  • We also use top-of-the-line diagnostic ultrasound equipment from Esaote for imaging soft tissues in real time as well. 

    This allows us to see tissues like the plantar fascia, tendons, bursas, nerves, and other structures invisible to X-ray, but so commonly treated with ESWT. 

    And like fluoroscopic images, there is no waiting. We can perform this test the same day as your assessment visit, and see the results immediately. 

Esaote Aquila
diagnostic ultrasound


  • When circulation is a concern, we have in-house Doppler and PPG or photoplethysmography equipment so we can perform sophisticated assessment of a patient's circulation. 

  • When there is a mechanical component to your complaint, we have a treadmill for gait analysis, in order to properly assess you biomechanically.

    And as Dr. Schumacher is board certified by the American Board of Podiatric Orthopedics and Primary Podiatric Medicine, we are uniquely qualified to asses your biomechanical complaint and follow through to make prescription, custom-made orthotics, shoes, boots, sandals, and a variety of braces.

Simply put, there are few facilities anywhere with these assessment technologies.



The seventh reason patients come great distances to see us is that we are one of the few ESWT centres anywhere that specializes in extracorporeal shockwave therapy (ESWT) for foot problems

In fact, we share a brand-new 3,800 square foot space with the Achilles Foot Health Centre run by Dr. S. A. Schumacher, a podiatric physician and surgeon board certified by both major boards in the podiatric profession, the American Board of Podiatric Surgery and the American Board of Podiatric Orthopedics and Primary Podiatric Medicine. 

Please follow the links to learn more about the Achilles Foot Health Centre and Dr. Schumacher.



The eighth reason patients from great distances to see us is cost.   By the time you add in all the extras such as "facility fees", "physician's fees", "anesthesia fees" and the like, ESWT in places like the United States may run $4,000 USD, $6,000 USD, even $9,000 USD. 

This price is typically based on each location treated; multiple sites of treatment raise the cost precipitously.  And again, this is using an older technology to the one we use.   The cost for ESWT with our system is $975 Canadian dollars, with multiple sites charged at a discount.

Not only is this less expensive than ESWT in the U.S. to start with, but it is even more inexpensive when you consider the exchange rate.  (For current exchange rates of your currency in Canadian Dollars, we provide this link for current exchange rates.)

And for our U.S. patients, please note, while other ESWT facilities in Canada charge U.S. patients in U.S. dollars, we charge U.S. patients just as we charge our Canadian patients--in Canadian dollars.   

As you might imagine, with this sort of price difference, patients from the U.S. and from other locations large distances away frequently find that it's cheaper to travel to British Columbia, take a week or two off as a vacation in a fantastic, scenic location--and have the treatment performed--than it is to have ESWT performed in their home location.



In many jurisdictions in Europe, it is required by law that a physician perform the shockwave therapy treatment.  This is not only not true in most locations in North America; it is the exception where you will find a physician actually treating you.

We feel having a physician trained in shockwave therapy perform the actual treatment is particularly important with piezoelectric shockwave because the type of ESWT we use is highly focusable, and it is important that the specific tissue being treated by properly identified and that the therapeutic shockwaves be properly directed at that tissue level and at the best therapeutic strength. 

So the ninth reason people travel to see us is that our facility is unique is the fact that ours is one of the few facilities in North America that has a doctor perform the shockwave therapy treatments instead of a technician. 



The tenth reason patients choose to travel to our facility is our experience and expertise. We were among the first--if not the first--to use piezoelectric shockwave therapy in North America.  We are, to our knowledge, still the only facility to use this technology in western Canada. 

We have a great deal of experience using this technology and understand when it is likely to be effective, what tissues and strength levels are most likely to benefit a given condition in a given patient. 

And we travel the world to the major conferences on shockwave therapy, including the major yearly conference put on by the ISMST, the international organization for shockwave therapy.  In 2006, for example, we attended the conference in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  In 2005, we attended the conference in Vienna, Austria. 

Other smaller conferences are held throughout North America.



Above:  Dr. Schumacher at the 2006 conference in Rio de Janeiro.


Right:  Lecture hall at the 2005 ISMST conference on extra-corporeal shockwave therapy in Vienna, Austria







The eleventh reason patients choose to travel to our facility is accessibility

We are serviced by major roads:

  • For those heading east or west, the Trans-Canada Highway passes within a few short blocks of the Shockwave Therapy - BC facility.

  • For those arriving from the south, Interstate 5 (I-5) comes right up to the southern border of Surrey at the U.S. border. 

And we are serviced by several airports:

  • Vancouver International Airport is located west of us and is a major hub, serving almost all locations, national and international.  Vancouver is the closest major North American destination for many locations in Asia, and we're only a short flight from most locations in the United States.   

  • Abbotsford International Airport in Abbotsford, British Columbia is a small, very manageable-sized airport located east of us.  It primarily serves Canadian locations and some selected U.S. cities.  It makes for a convenient arrival location.

  • Bellingham International Airport is located south of us in Bellingham, Washington.  It primarily serves US locations, and if you're coming from the U.S., it is often cheaper than flying into other airports like Vancouver International or Sea-Tac International. 

  • Sea-Tac International Airport, about three hours south of us, is the major airport for the Seattle-Tacoma region.  It serves most any location around the world. 




The twelth reason patients choose to travel to our facility is
our location

We're in one of the most beautiful locations in the world--hemmed in by the Pacific Ocean an the Coastal Mountain Range.  There's lots to do, lots to see, and lots to experience.  We can provide you with hotel recommendations near our facility or in downtown Vancouver and provide recommendations for restaurants, attractions, and recreational activities.



The thirteenth reason patients choose to travel to our facility is the most important: 

It works

Dozens of studies consistently show that extracorporeal shockwave therapy works in the majority of cases that have been non-responsive to alternative treatments.  And when you put up with enough pain for enough time, and when you've run the gambit of treatment options without success, you may be a good candidate for this therapy. 



If you've run out of options and feel that ESWT may be appropriate for your condition and wish to try a change in direction, we would be pleased to help.



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