Shockwave Therapy - BC (reached through the URL is  owned and operated by Dr. S. A. Schumacher, a British Columbia-based podiatric physician and surgeon. 

  • To learn more about Dr. Schumacher's practice, visit his primary website at

  • To learn more about Dr. Schumacher, himself, visit his website

Shockwave Therapy - BC is affiliated with the Achilles Foot Health Centre, a full-service 3,800 square foot podiatric medical facility in the northern portion of Surrey, British Columbia.  This Achilles Foot Health Centre provides a wide range of medical and surgical services, specifically devoted to medical afflictions of the foot. 

The Achilles Foot Health Centre has several areas of interest and specialization.  For instance:

  • The Heel Pain Specialty Clinic of Canada is a division of the Achilles Foot Health Centre, and that website may be of interest to those with heel pain. 

  • We provide foot surgery for local patients on lengthy waiting lists for foot surgery, and out-of-town patients who are seeking foot surgery by an individual specializing in the foot.   For information on this, please visit 

  • We also offer our surgical facility to other physicians to use for their patients.  If you are a physician interested in using our facility for surgical procedures, please visit for more information about what we offer. 

  • The Achilles Foot Health Centre is the first podiatric practice in western Canada, perhaps all of Canada, to offer radiosurgery for patients.  For more information on this technology, visit us at  

For those patients interested in piezoelectric shockwave therapy, we can provide you with recommendations to the following physicians: 

In Denmark near Copenhagen:

Dr. Bjarne Pedersen
Kastebjergvej 24 - 2750 Ballerup
Tel 45 55 66 44 58

In Germany near Heidelberg and Stuttgart:

Dr. Andreas Lang
Hagenbacher Str. 2
74177 Bad Friedrichshall
Fon 07136 - 5319

In Germany near Frankfurt:

Dr. Helmut Neuland
Westerbachstr. 23F
61476 Kronberg
Fon (06173) 940 580


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