Answers to Financial Questions


How much does ESWT cost?  

By the time you include anesthesia fees, facility fees, physician and technician fees, and the fees for the actual ESWT treatment, a course of a ESWT in the United States commonly runs $3,000, $5,000, $7,000 USD -- even higher in some areas of the country. 

And this is the cost for treating one location in the body;  if you have two, three, four, or more injured sites, the cost can quickly get prohibitive. 

And keep in mind that these prices are for an older technology to the one we use, as the machine we use is so new that it is not yet approved for use in the U.S.

So we're pleased to say that even with acquiring the latest in ESWT technology available, the piezoelectric form of ESWT, we are able to offer ESWT for significantly less expense than these older, more costly versions.  In fact, patients may now have a series of piezoelectric ESWT treatments for $975 Cdn--a course, which may include several visits.   And secondary sites are even less.  

As you might imagine, with this sort of price difference, U.S. patients frequently find that it's cheaper to drive or fly to see us here in British Columbia for ESWT treatment, take a long weekend--or even a week or two--and at the same time, have a vacation in the safe, beautiful, and sophisticated Vancouver area, than it is to simply have ESWT performed in their home location. 

In fact, not only have we had patients come from more than one half of U.S. states--from Maine to Hawaii and Wisconsin to Texas--we've even had patients come from as far away as Japan and South Africa. 

Not only is the version of ESWT we have cost effective compared to U.S. facilities, it's a great way to not only help resolve your painful medical condition and have a tax-deductible vacation at the same time.  (Check with your accountant; different jurisdictions have different tax regulations on medical costs.) 

ESWT is a particularly inexpensive when compared to alternative treatments such as surgery--and the cost is well worth the expense for those whose pain is otherwise unresponsive to alternative treatments. 

The other large advantage is that the technology we use is not yet available in the United States or other locations, and treatments performed here do not require anesthesia like many older machines do.  Not only does this drive up the price, but it's an extra (and unnecessary) stress for your body. 

And we might add, recent research suggests anesthesia can diminish the success rates of ESWT.  Further, when patients are sedated or anesthetized, it's much harder for the patient to feel how the ESWT is affecting his or her body. 

We use the newest form of ESWT on the market--the most accurate form of shockwave in the world, with with an energy spectrum that stretches from low energy to high energy settings--to provide the most cost-effective, most accurate, least traumatic, and least painful form of focused ESWT available anywhere in the world.   

Is ESWT covered by MSP, extended plans, ICBC, WCB, or other agencies?

There is good news on the question of reimbursement.   While ESWT is not currently covered by the Medical Services Plan (MSP), it may be covered by government agencies like WCB, ICBC, RCMP.  Reimbursement decisions are made on a case-by-case basis. 

Many extended plans may also cover the cost.  Coverage varies widely, depending upon the specifics of your extended plan agreement.  Some plans cover 100% of the service; some 80%; some up to a fixed dollar limit.  Because the technology is so new, however, many extended plans don't specifically mention ESWT in their coverage; much of the time we need to get case-by-case authorization.

Our office staff is well-versed in assisting you in getting reimbursed for your ESWT services. 

How can payment be made?

We accept a variety of forms of payment including Visa, Mastercard, Interac, Cash, Checks (cheques), and Travelers Checks (Cheques).  

You can also have ESWT (or other medical expenses) financed through Medicard, a company that finances private medical expenses.  Contact our office for more details.  


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